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Having been a member of Aldridge Youth Theatre from the age of eight, Alex has performed in several shows, taking on roles as varied as the dame in the pantomime to Bottom in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. After going to Oxford University to study English Language and Literature and spending a brief time in the world of education,  Alex has now returned to the place that he loves so much to work as a Youth Leader. 

Kevin-Leader (Juniors)

Debra Alex Kevin Ben Grace Amy

In 2010 I retired after almost 40 years teaching in comprehensive schools in the local area and decided to become involved in youth work in a voluntary capacity.  A number of friend’s had always enthused about how much their children enjoyed and benefited from being members of the Youth Theatre and so began my own involvement with AYT.

Debra-Leader (Juniors & Intermediates)

Alex-Leader (Intermediates)

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Dexter-Leader (Seniors)

Amy-JuniorLeader (Juniors/Intermediates)

Grace-JuniorLeader (Juniors/Intermediates)

Ben-JuniorLeader (Juniors/Intermediates)


Charlie-JuniorLeader (Juniors/Intermediates)

'I have been a member of AYT for 8 years now and have learnt so much!  Taking on the role of Junior Leader is a new venture for me and it has already given me a great opportunity to offer the skills I have built up over my time here.  After the recent LAMDA results, I couldn't be more proud of both Juniors and Intermediates!'

'Having been a member of AYT for 8 years I have learnt valuable experience on stage and from my peers.  Becoming a Junior Leader has enabled me to grow in confidence.  The latest LAMDA results have given me great pride in our Juniors.  

Throughout my years here, I have performed in 7 pantomimes and 6 plays.'

'I have been a member of AYT for 7 years and feel it has really helped me grow as an actor through performing in 6 pantomimes and 7 plays, gaining valuable experience on the stage.  Working with the Junior and Intermediate groups is incredibly rewarding and the latest LAMDA reults really showcase the homegrown talent we have at AYT!'

'I have been a member of AYT for 4 years and have LOVED every minute of it, from Panto to LAMDA to sound & lighting - there is always something to do!  I love helping the Juniors and have learnt to use my skills to develop my acting.  I have performed in 3 pantomimes and many plays.'